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Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls Facebook a threat to democracy

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said Facebook is a threat to democracy, and it’s time for the social media giant to break up.


Sen Warren said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber:

The only way we go to hold them accountable is to break them up. I understand there are people who says, well, maybe we can regulate them a little better, put more police to the test. Look, I’m not against that. It’s just not enough to work done. We need to break them up. The way we break them up. It’s kind of like with the phone company. You know how to call me and I can call you even if we do not use the same phone carriers? We must do the same thing with our social media I can call you and you can call me. Once we make it work and break they apart, now you have 10 social media providers services, 50 providers for us social media services. That means I can pick one that says I’m not going to sell yours information to someone else. The result is that let the market work better.

The second consequence is to deprive Facebook of the kind enormous power it has now. Think what that means Facebook is creating information from each of our exchanges, create it and use it for his own benefit, for advertising, for sold to third parties. Shoot, to play with footsie dictators around the world. We need to break it up. I’m going back to Teddy Roosevelt who said the reason you break up these great monopolies are in part for economic reasons, create competition, but it is partly because they contain a real political risk to survival of a democracy. It’s time to break up Facebook.

Facebook has benefited from and promoted right-wing websites that drive propaganda and disinformation that threatens democracy. Facebook is so big that Mark Zuckerberg wants people to believe he can not control his own platform.

If that’s the case, Sen Warren is right. For the sake of democracy, the federal government must step in and break up Facebook.

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