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T20 World Cup: “It’s kind of news for us”, Kieron Pollard on Quinton De Kock’s refusal to kneel for BLM movement

West Indies captain Kieron Pollard said South Africa’s star wicketkeeper batsman Quinton de Kock‘s decision to withdraw from Tuesday’s T20 World Cup match after refusing to kneel for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement came as “news” to him and encouraged people not to speculate about the development. He said they personally and as a team feel “strong” about the movement and will continue to do their part to end racism. Pollard’s remarks followed Cricket South Africa issued a mandate to its players on Tuesday to take the knee in support of the BLM movement ahead of their match against the West Indies, a decision that did not go down well with De Kock, which in the past expressed its reluctance pronounced to take the gesture.

“For me personally, I do not know of any player who did not want to take it (the knee). I am not aware of it. So this is kind of news for us or for me,” Pollard said after losing eight wickets. suffered against South Africa, their second consecutive in the Super 12 phase.

“You know our thoughts on this matter. It’s something we feel strongly about as a team and as people too and we will continue to do so.

“Everyone has their own opinions about it, but like I always said, once you’ve been educated and you understand, we’ll understand why you do it, but I think education is kind of key, and we know we do not want that. someone should do it for us in loneliness or feel sorry for us. ”

Asked if this development would affect his personal relationship with De Kock as both Mumbai Indians are teammates in the IPL, Pollard refused to “speculate” before coming to the truth of the matter.

“Like I said before, all I hear is what happened. I do not know the truth and fact of the real matter.” I can not just accept it and have an answer or speculation in terms of relationship and all . that. It is getting too deep at the moment, “he said.

“Yes, he was my teammate in Mumbai Indians, we played cricket together. That’s where the money ends in terms of everything else. Everything else is speculation. Let’s see what happens next. Let me have an opportunity to digest. “

The defending champions slipped to the bottom of the Group 1 standings in Super 12 after suffering two consecutive defeats.

“I thought we left about 20-25 runs there when we batted, and that could have made a difference in terms of how we finished,” said Pollard.

“I also believe that my dismissal was decisive in the last over because we knew they had an over to make up and I banked on it,” he said.


Encouraging a faltering batting unit in the West Indies to act, he said: “We have to dig deeper as a team. We have to dig deeper as a batting unit. We have to get out and keep our heads up and try to play a good game of cricket.

“We put ourselves in a position where it’s pretty low from a running pace perspective, and from a winning percentage we didn’t win any games. So we have to win the next three games,” he concluded.

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