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This Keith Urban Tribute Artist Wows Clash of the Cover Bands

There is a new king of the land!

Clash of the Cover Bands participant Adam Rutledge embodies his idol, Keith Urban, in a breathtaking rendition of “Somebody Like You.”

Rutledge and his Kings of Country group rocked hard in an exclusive preview of tomorrow’s episode, which airs Wednesday, Oct. 27 on E! broadcast. While Rutledge was first attracted to cover Urban’s music because of his guitar riffs, it was also Urban’s distinctive hairstyle that made Rutledge come back for more.

During the spectacular performance, the judges certainly seemed to enjoy themselves, with Ester Dean dance in her seat and Meghan Trainor nodded together. Adam Lambert even screamed at some point!

As Dean tell E! News earlier this month, the Collision participants’ dedication to their tributes is what really grabs the crowd. “It pays homage,” Dean explained. “They are fans of J.Lo, they are fans of Celine Dion, they are fans of U2. So when you see another fan who has taken it to the extreme, to even start a cover band for the same band you like, and now you hear the songs and you look at their dedication. “

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