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Cory Booker closes Senate Republicans by reading a list of violent attacks on school boards

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) listened for hours to how Republicans say threats to school boards were exaggerated, so Booker read a list of violent incidents at school board meetings.


Booker asked Garland if it was true that there had been an increase in threats to people serving on school boards. Garland said this is true. Booker then read a list of violent incidents that took place at school board meetings.

Sen. Booker then read from the DOJ letter on the investigation into threats to school board members: “You are literally saying, lively debate on policy matters is protected under the Constitution. I quote one of my colleagues today, does it sound like harassing and intimidating moms and dads? It is at the top of your letter that lively debate is allowed. ”

Senate Republicans came to the Merrick Garland trial with a story to tell

Senate Republicans spent hours and hours during the trial portraying Garland as the big bad federal government the DOJ used to target “innocent” parents for voicing their opposition to mask mandates. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) has all the false transgressions he could whip up and told Garland to resign.

Cory Booker finally heard enough and shouted at these people, who threatened school board members and attacked them as domestic terrorists.

Republicans came after the trial of Attorney General Garland with a clear agenda to spread their false information, but sen. Booker came up with the facts, and he read a list of “parents” who attack and intimidate school board members as part of their mission to spread COVID and harm children.

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