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Neha Dhupia shares an empowering breastfeeding photo with captions ‘Freedom to feed’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

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Neha Dhupia shares breastfeeding photo with her newborn baby; use the hashtag #FreedomToFeed

Since then actress Neha Dhupia became a mother and gave birth to her first child in 2018, she actively spread awareness about breastfeeding and how it should be normalized. Now the actor, who only recently gave birth to her second child, a baby boy, has taken to Instagram again to share a breastfeeding photo of herself. The beautiful picture shows Neha dressed in a completely gray house outfit and holding her newborn baby while she breastfeeds him. She captioned it, ‘#freedomtofeed’ To this day, young mothers who are on a mission to normalize breastfeeding are often trolled because they share breastfeeding photos. Earlier, when she spoke to a news portal about her ongoing efforts to normalize breastfeeding, she said: ‘Just by having these conversations, I now feel so much more empowered. I know I will go on that journey and even try my best to be on that journey again, and be treated in the most normal way with my real experiences. I’m glad I started that conversation two years ago, because I feel the second time it will be even better for me. ‘ Neha, who started an initiative some time ago, called ‘Freedom to feed’, added, ‘This is a growing community, we have come a long way. I just think we need to normalize breastfeeding, the more we talk about it, the more we actually make people aware. ‘ Furthermore, she remembered an incident that happened to her once after she gave birth to Mehr. She continued: ‘We need to look for nooks and crannies to breastfeed our child. I remember once having to go into a toilet of an airplane because I did not want to make other people uncomfortable as I could feel them becoming uncomfortable. My point is why this should happen. We need to normalize it and stop sexualizing it or making it a big deal. After all, it is my child’s nutrition and I should be able to provide it in a very comfortable space. ‘

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