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New Lincoln project ad pushes all Trump’s buttons and blows up Glenn Youngkin’s VA plan

In a new ad, The Lincoln Project drove a giant wedge through Glenn Youngkin’s plan to embrace Trump and keep him out of Virginia.

The ad is titled “Grateful:”

The ad speaks directly to Trump and says that Glenn Youngkin thinks he is a loser and has been embarrassed for it. The ad concludes by telling Trump that Youngkin “is just another RINO stabbing you in the back.”

Rick Wilson, the Lincoln project, said in a statement to PoliticusUSA, “During the primary, and in certain parts of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin was just as big a fan of Donald Trump as anyone, but now that it’s time to conclude the agreement with Virginians, Youngkin begs the former president to stay away. This dynamic is representative of today’s Republican Party: Court Trump and his base to win the primary and then run away from the MAGA world as quickly as possible. Our message to Trump with this ad is simple: You are being played. ”

The Virginia presidential election is near, perhaps not so close as a tie, because a strange feature of polling stations in the state has a history of undermining Democratic support, but is close, such an ad as this one reminding Virginia voters that Trump supports that Youngkin tries to have it both sides is very smart.

In an election that may come down to a point or two, the Lincoln Project’s ad could make the difference between Virginia being led by Terry McAuliffe or a mini-Trump.

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