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President Trump writes in Wall Street Journal about stolen election – points to the obvious

Trump meets in Pennsylvania in 2020

Former President Donald Trump subscribed to The Wall Street Journal Wednesday to continue his quest for the truth in the greatest crime in American history – The Stolen 2020 Presidential Election.

Almost a year has passed and even today a majority of American voters Democrats believe they cheated to win the 2020 election and only 39% believe the election was free and fair.

Poll: 35 percent want 2020 presidential election overturned; Only 39 percent firmly believe that election was ‘free and fair’

This is from President Trump’s letter to The Wall Street Journal.

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In your editorial “The Election for Pennsylvania’s High Court” (Oct. 25), you state the fact that a court erred in saying that postal votes can be counted after election day. “It did not matter,” you add, “because Mr. Biden won the state by 80,555, but the country is happy that the election was not imminent. If the election had hung on a few thousand Pennsylvanias, the next president might have been chosen by the U.S. Supreme Court. ”…

… “Actually, the election was fraud, which you unfortunately have not figured out yet. Here are just a few examples of how crucial voter fraud was in Pennsylvania:

* 71 893 ballots were returned after 3 November 2020 at 20:00 … None of these should have been counted according to the American Constitution
* 10,515 postal votes of people who do not exist on the Pennsylvania voter list at all.
* 20,000 redundant voters not yet accounted for by the Pennsylvania Department — far more votes than voters!
* Hundreds of thousands of votes were counted illegally in secret … while GOP poll viewers were thrown away
* 39 771 people voted who registered after the October 19 deadline. “

On election night, President Trump led Joe Biden by 785,000 votes.
Democrats worked behind closed doors in closed rooms for the next few days to give Joe Biden the victory.

The Supreme Court and Republican Party did nothing to save the republic.

Americans are not stupid and know a cheat when they see one.

Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington posted these nuggets from the editorial.

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