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Tom Cotton humiliates himself while calling on AG Merrick Garland to resign

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) really wants to be president, which is why he worked himself up to an embarrassment while telling Merrick Garland to resign.


Cotton moaned and demanded an investigation from sen. Cinema in the bathroom is followed. Cotton used Republican disinformation about a Loudoun County high school sexual assault case to blame Garland for the prosecution of parents, and he concluded with, “This is shameful. This testimony, your assignment, your actions are shameful. Thank you Lord for not being in the Supreme Court. You must resign in shame, Judge. “

Tom Cotton’s actions were clearly false and degrading

Sen. Cotton’s remarks were a jumble of right – wing culture war buzzwords. He had no point other than spreading transphobia, claiming that Merrick Garland was spending his time as attorney general attacking parents, and demanding a resignation.

Cotton was so clearly fake that he became a live SNL sketch. There was no basis in reality for his remarks, and his program was nothing more than a desperate plea for a Fox News moment he could use as a basis for his 2024 presidential campaign.

If we were to let Tom Cotton’s words run through a political ambition translator, they would say, “Look at me! I’m crazy just like you. Please vote for me when I run for president in 2024. Please, please, please vote for my. ”

Republicans like to arouse false indignation at the performance art of a congressional hearing, but Tom Cotton tried too hard. He’s in the Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz category of being so desperate to be president that he embarrasses himself when he opens his mouth.

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