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Trump falls into Biden’s trap and gives tips to come to Virginia to sabotage Glenn Youngkin

President Biden lured Trump by saying that Republican Glenn Youngkin does not want him in the state. Trump responded by suggesting he come to Virginia.

Video of President Biden fighting for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia:

The president said:

And here’s what you still need to think about. Terry’s opponent made all his private promises of loyalty to Donald Trump. But what’s really interesting to me: He will not stand next to Donald Trump now that the campaign is underway.

Think about it. He will not allow Donald Trump to campaign for him in this state. And he is willing to pledge his loyalty to Trump privately, why not in public? What is he trying to hide? Is there a problem with Trump being here? Is he shy?

Trump responded by falling into the trap

Like Pennywise from It, Trump reacted from his dark and damp corner of the internet,Singing, We Love Trump in Arlington, Va. Thank you, Arlington, see you soon! ”

If you do not know what that tortured and broken little word salad meant, Donald Trump is responding to reports from conservative media that we like Trump songs during Biden’s appearance for McAuliffe.

Glenn Youngkin has made it clear that he does not want Trump anywhere near his campaign in Virginia. The Lincoln project came out with a new ad that hit Trump’s buttons.

The best way to make sure Virginia still has a Democratic governor is to allow Donald Trump and his circus of corruption to roll into the state.

Democrats know that if Trump shows his face in Virginia, Youngkin will be doomed, so Joe Biden has set a trap, and it looks like Donald Trump is falling right into it.

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