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Joe Biden mentioned Trump 24 times during a campaign in Virginia (VIDEO)

Donald Trump apparently lives rent-free in Joe Biden’s head.

While Biden campaigned for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, he mentioned Trump’s name no less than 24 times.

What Biden apparently does not realize is that it makes him look weak, not Trump.

The New York Post reports:

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Who’s running, Joe? Biden says ‘Trump’ 24 times during Va. blunt for McAuliffe

President Biden on Tuesday looked like former President Donald Trump in a blunt speech in Virginia for Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for governor.

Biden mentioned Trump by name 24 times during a 17-minute speech in a park near the Pentagon in northern Virginia, in which he tried to use his predecessor’s legacy to overthrow Republican Glenn Youngkin. associated with McAuliffe, in a state that Biden won 10 points just a year ago.

Trump did not campaign for Youngkin or make an endorsement in the race.

But the suddenly tough Virginia game with Youngkin became a test of Biden’s political power ahead of next year’s midterm elections and a possible reunion with Trump in the 2024 presidential race – and comes as Biden’s approval ratings and poll on key issues in the let down …

“I ran against Donald Trump. “Terry is running against an Donald Trump acolyte,” Biden said, slamming the former president, accusing him of inciting the January 6 Capitol riot, as well as former Secretary of State Colin Powell and sen. . John McCain (R- Ariz.) After they died.

Watch the video below:

Biden comes so complacent and full of himself.

Someone has to show him his absolute poll figures.

Cross placed from American Lookout.

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