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Joe Rogan, InfoWars Destroys Mainstream Media Lies to America About ivermectin

As the “government-medical-media complex.” attempts to enforce mass adherence to mRNA vaccination, you and anyone who deviates from the mainstream narrative are branded as “conspiracy theorists” or “anti-science”.

The corporate media’s campaign to bombard the public with warnings that Ivermectin is a “horse dewormer” was disrupted after podcast giant Joe Rogan unveiled the medication, which is listed by the National Institutes of Health’s website as’ a ‘antiviral drugs approved for covid treatment, effectively helped him ward off the virus.

But the brutal, coordinated attack on Rogan has a setback, making it clear that so-called “misinformation” is merely facts that the powers want you to miss or reject.

A video montage produced by the InfoWars crew uncovered the coordinated effort by Pfizer-sponsored media to cancel Rogan and censor the truth.

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While doctors and pharmacists are is banned by healthcare management from prescribing Ivermectin, a Noble award-winning medication that has been used for over three decades to treat people for parasitic infection, more than 200 members of Congress used Ivermectin to ward off covid effectively, Rogan remarks.

“It’s fascinating – the exposure of mainstream media. That’s one thing I’m very happy about, ”he told Michael Malice in his podcast last week. “By the way, 200 members of Congress were treated with Ivermectin for Covid. Google it. You can be sure of that on Dr. Find Pierre Kory’s Twitter page.

“I do not know the motivation to demonize this particular medication,” he added. “But I would think that some of it has to do with money, because … it’s now a generic drug. The patent has run out… and it’s worth about 30 cents per dose.”

In a interview with WSAU’s Meg Ellefson Dr. Kory argued last week that the joint effort to withhold the ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine from the public was a “tragedy”.

The antiparasitic drug Ivermectin is “without a doubt” a miracle cure with miraculous efficacy against Covid 19, he said. “It has been so proven. You will not know that if you live in the United States, but certainly around the world we have incredible achievements. For example, the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh essentially eradicated covid from a state of 241 million people by systematically using ivermectin throughout the state. They now have almost zero business. ”

“It is a pity … They are trying to mix it with an animal drug. The discoverers won the Nobel Prize for its impact on human diseases. It is very much a human drug and to mix it is willful. They try to dissuade people from using it. “This is the great sadness of this pandemic – there is a war against this drug,” he continued. “In Congress, many of them were treated with ivermectin. It’s not like they’ve kept quiet about it. Most of them are on the right. This idiotic policy we have of ‘staying home’ until your lips turn blue and then come to the ER is just absurd. “None of those people who were treated – the staff members, members of the congress went to hospital,” the doctor warned in the front line. “They are trying to avoid all the compounds that have already been discovered by doctors in the front line to get a ‘blockbuster drug’ and this is absolutely absurd and people are being harmed about it. It really is – it is a tragedy. “

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