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Katrina Kaif -Vicky Kaushal wedding: actress’s mother and sister Isabelle Kaif shopped for ethnic dress | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

The rumor mill has been running for several months as if there is no tomorrow, with Bollywood sources claiming Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal goes out and is very much in love head over heels. Speculations about their wedding have also started to pop up and their fans can not stay calm about it. To add to this excitement and frenzy, the paparazzi have now spotted Katrina’s mom and sister shopping at an ethnic store in the city. What did they do? Shopping for the wedding what is supposed to happen in November or December? We do not know for sure yet, but fans think so and they are delighted. For the outing, Suzanne, Katrina’s mother was seen dressed in a red top and comfortable beige pants while Katrina’s sister Isabelle looked beautiful in a white T-shirt and shorts. The mother-daughter duo even posed for the paparazzi after they finished shopping. Meanwhile, when they came to Katrina and Vicky, the rumored lovebirds maintained for the longest time that they were just friends. And even from their circle of friends, only one person confirmed that they were dating and it was the actor Harshvardhan Kapoor, who wasted the beans at an interview. More recently, a video of Katrina and Vicky went viral in which they were seen hugging each other tightly at the performance of ‘Sardar Udham’. And if the buzz is something to check, Katrina and Vicky are already preparing for their wedding ceremony. Furthermore, if the sources are to be believed, ‘Their wedding outfits are designed by Sabyasachi.’ The source also revealed: ‘They are currently in the process of selecting materials for it; Katrina chose a raw song number for her ensemble, which is going to be a lehenga. The wedding will take place in November-December. ‘ It is noteworthy that the rumored couple recently seemed more relaxed about being spotted together. Recently, they were seen together visiting their celebrity manager amid reports of their marriage.

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