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Florida draws funding for school districts challenging ban on mask mandates

After the ban on mask mandates imposed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was challenged, Alachua and Broward County school districts denied federal funding.

The Florida Department of Education earlier this week voted to deny Alachua County about $ 160,000 and Broward about $ 450,000.

The move comes as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and President Joe Biden are battling COVID-related mandates for masks and vaccines.

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Not the first districts to get setbacks

Earlier this month, eight school districts in the Sunshine State came under the auspices of the Board of Education (which oversees the Department of Education) for enforcing mask mandates: except Alachua and Broward counties, Brevard, Duval, Leon, Miami-Dade, Orange and Palm Beach districts.

Back in August, Governor DeSantis threatened to withhold salaries from the school district superintendents and school board members who have decided to go against the mask mandate ban.

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COVID cases in Florida drop

In the last two months, COVID has cases in Florida dropped as much as 90%, and Florida now boasts the lowest rate in the country.

While Broward County schools may be in the news because they have reduced their federal funding, they are also at the at the top of the page for an even more dubious reason.

The Florida Department of Education is investigating an incident in which children of lower age were taken on a “field trip” to a place called Rosie’s, a local gay bar.

Sarah Leonardi, a member of the Broward County School Board, tweeted about the trip, saying: “I was SO honored to be invited to be a chaperone … me and the students had a fun walk and a lot left taught our community! “

The bar is located in an area marketed as “Florida’s most famous gayborhood.”

Local media like the Miami Herald try to finish the trip, writes: “What happens when a school board member takes elementary children on an outing to a bar and barbecue with a gay clientele? A Twitter storm.”

They describe some of the menu items at the “bar and grill”:

The description on the menu for the “Left One” chicken breast sandwich, for example, is “Because sometimes the lefties are bigger!” Then there’s the “Rhoda Cowboy,” “Miley High Club,” and the “Young Ranch Hand.”

Leonardi complained to the media that “she and her family and friends” were attacked with big remarks and death threats. “

They claim that students have been traveling to the gay bar for 10 years.

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