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NAACP warns professional athletes that Texas is not safe

The NAACP has sent a letter to potential free agents in all professional sports leagues urging them not to sign with teams in Texas because the state is not safe for them.

The NAACP tells free agent minority athletes that it is not safe for them in Texas

Read the full letter provided by the NAACP to PoliticusUSA:

Texas Open Letter

The letter reads in part:

Texas lawmakers have destroyed the state’s moral compass by passing these laws. In return, we ask that you seek employment with sports teams located in states that will protect, honor and serve your families with integrity.

We’re pleading with you now – if you’re a free agent and considering a job in Texas, look elsewhere. The Texas government will not protect your family. Demand that Texas owners invest in your rights and protect your investments. Texas is not safe for you, your spouse or your children. Until the legislation is overturned, Texas is safe for no one.

Republicans are destroying Texas

In light of changing demographics where more than 90% of Texas’ population growth comes from minorities, white Republicans are implementing a series of laws to strip rights away from non-white men who look more like apartheid South Africa than a democracy.

Republicans are destroying Texas to try to keep their conservative white men in power. The Lone Star State is the template for what Republicans across the country are trying to implement.

It is currently not safe for any minority and their families in Texas. Professional athletes are happy. They are made to court when they reach free agency and are often paid large sums of money to choose where they would like to work.

The NAACP’s message to them is, do not choose Texas.

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