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Pooja Bedi gives support to Shah Rukh Khan and family, says ‘Aryan was punished in improper relationship’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

An atmosphere of gratitude and gratitude erupted everywhere on social media and the film industry as soon as the news of strong child Ariese Khan‘s bail in the Mumbai vessel drug case broke out late on October 28. From Karan Johar to R Madhavan, Sonu Sood to Swara Bhasker, so many celebrities have expressed their happiness on the internet. Along with the rest of Bollywood, actress Pooja Bedi, known for being brutally honest, opened up about what Aryan may have been through while in jail when ETimes contacted her for her reaction after he was granted bail. She said: “What happened to Aryan or any young child of his age is very unfortunate.” She further explained how she thinks the media, authorities and the system were unfriendly towards the strong child. She said: ‘To be thrown behind bars for weeks with hardened criminals without evidence to incriminate him, when bail should be the norm, not an exception in such cases, and to make the media breathe in your neck and projecting yourself deviantly as some criminal can in no way be positive. ‘ But, having said that, Pooja said she also feels that the youth of today need to be pushed on the right track. She said: ‘We must nurture and protect the youth of our country. We need to instill faith in them in our laws, processes and media. ‘ Emphasizing the need for a fair trial, she added: ‘The punishment must always be proportionate to the crime committed. Aryan was punished in an improper relationship … It’s a shame for everyone who took part in this mob mentality attack on him. Celebrities and their children are human beings, just like everyone else … except the trauma and humiliation is exacerbated by unwanted and unjustified attention. Never forget that! ‘

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