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Survey reveals white students lie about their race to get to college, receive financial aid

Nearly half of college students falsely claim to be Native Americans on their college applications to reap the benefits of discriminatory affirmative action, according to a recently published survey.

Data published by Intelligent on Tuesday shows white students are most likely to refine their race during the application process to improve their chances of being accepted or receiving financial aid.

Forty-eight percent of the 1,250 white applicants who participated in the survey admitted that they identified themselves as Native Americans during the application process, while “13 percent of respondents claimed to be Latino, 10 percent claimed that they are black, and 9 percent claimed to be Asian or Pacific Islander. ”

Men were more than three times more likely than women to falsify minority status than women on a college application, with 48 percent of male respondents claiming to be a minority on their college application, compared to just 16 percent of female applicants . “However, women are more than twice as likely as men to pretend to be Black (18% compared to 8%).”

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Twenty-four percent of white women represented themselves as Native Americans and 18 percent claimed to be Latinos, while 54 percent of white male respondents claimed Native American heritage.

College applicants ranging in age from 35 to 44 are most likely to play the system by embellishing their race to appear (43 percent), while 41 percent of students 16-24 years old admitted that they lied about their racial identity. “Those rates are lower for 25-34 year olds (31%); 45-54-year-olds (28%), and people 54 and older (13%), ”reads the study.

Eighty-five percent of respondents believe they have benefited by lying about their race on their applications. Pretending to be a different race did not backfire on the majority of applicants, as “75 percent of people who claimed to be a racial minority on their applications were accepted by the colleges. for whom they lied. “

While white Americans are lying about their applications to circumvent discriminatory practice of affirmative action, a lawsuit filed against Harvard University for unfair admissions practices against Asian Americans is pending adjudication in the Supreme Court.

The plaintiff, Students for Fair admissions, alleges Harvard penalized Asian Americans who to be heard required to score as much as 450 points higher on the SAT to have a similar chance of admission as black students to improve the chances for Black and Latino applicants.

In July, the Supreme Court postponed action on the major challenge of Harvard’s use of racial affirmative action and issued an order asking the Biden Department of Justice to give its opinion on the matter. The lawsuit could end nationwide practice, social engineering that has boosted the admission of Black and Latino students for decades, and punish high-achieving students at the expense of equal opportunities.

Like the progressive left identity politics and propagandizes the public to believe “white” is synonymous with “white privilege”, an epidemic of constructed identities has arisen.

Rachel Dolezal, a spray-brown scoundrel who was recently charged welfare fraud, became Spokane chapter president of the NAACP by falsely claiming she was African-American. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Famously attributed her “high cheekbones” to her Native American heritage, paving the way for her to be honored as Harvard’s first authentic Native American law professor. Ward Churchill falsified Native American status to strengthen his faculty credentials at the University of Colorado. Black Lives Matter activist and New York Daily News columnist Shaun King, who appears to be as white as his birth certificate appears to be, is considered a more “authentic African-American.”

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