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NCB says ‘must pick up the most critical witness’ Prabhakar Sail’s statement to reach conclusion on extortion charge in Aryan Khan’s drug case | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

The infamous cruise drug case, in which superstar is involved Shah Rukh Khanif you Ariese Khan, raised several questions after one of the independent witnesses in the case, Prabhakar Sail, accused Sameer Wankhede and other officials of an attempt to extort money. Now a senior official has said the NCB Special Investigation Team (SET), which is investigating allegations of an extortion attempt in the vessel-drug crime case, can make no progress unless it talks to Prabhakar. In an interview, the NCB’s Deputy Director-General, Gyaneshwar Singh, who heads the five-member SET, has already made the statements of five officials of the Drug Administration and three others so far. He further added that his team tried to contact Prabhakar Seil and also asked the Mumbai police commissioner to help as “there were reports in the media that he was in contact with the police and they were investigating him.” While revealing that the NCB had even tried to contact Prabhakar’s family members, he also said: ‘We also requested Sail through the media to come forward to record his statement and submit the evidence, as we can not give him notice. I expect he can join the investigation and give his valid statement as he is our most critical witness and without him it is not possible to reach any conclusion. ‘

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