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Nurse films herself being escorted out of hospital for refusing vaccine – “Count the cost”

A nurse was escorted from a Kaiser Permanent Hospital to her decision not to be vaccinated.

She said she was seeking a religious release from the vaccine mandate – she was not allowed and was not given an explanation as to why.

She said she was prepared to lose her “safety and security, my home, everything, for my freedom.”

She also added that she has been a COVID nurse since the beginning of the pandemic and that all she wants to do is work.

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She is not the only employee at Kaiser Permanente who will experience repercussions because she refused the vaccine.

More than 2,200 employees were placed on “unpaid administrative leave” because they did not respond to the vaccine requirement.

Daily News reports:

In one of the first signs of an escalating showdown between healthcare providers and vaccine-resistant employees, Kaiser Permanente suspended more than 2,000 workers who chose not to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The Oakland-based healthcare provider is not alone in placing workers who avoid the vaccine on leave without pay. Across California, hospitals have told workers who refused a shot to stop showing up at work in recent days. Suspended workers cannot return unless they are punched in the coming weeks.

The repression across California comes because a state health order said workers at hospitals, dialysis clinics, surgery centers and other health care facilities had to receive either one Johnson & Johnson shot or two Pfizer or Moderna injections by the end of September. The order allowed limited religious and medical exemptions.

“More than 92 percent of our employees have been vaccinated – and the number is still growing,” Kaiser said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. “As of October 4, just over 2,200 have not responded to our vaccine requirement and have been placed on unpaid administrative leave across the country.”

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