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Tana Mongeau addresses backlash from “Funny” Stormi Bath Pic on phone

Kylie Jenner‘s friends are not too excited about Tana Mongeausay apparent obsession with Kylie’s 3-year-old daughter Storms. But Tana apparently thinks the criticism is exaggerated.

The 23-year-old YouTuber was spotted at a recent event with Ethan Cutkosky, when fans noticed that her phone lock screen looked awfully familiar. Tana’s phone wallpaper is set on a statue of Stormi engulfed in a bubble bath. “This photo makes me happy,” mother Kylie wrote in March 2020 as she unveiled the adorable snap.

More than a year later, Kylie’s bestie Stassie Karanikolaou looked confused about why Tana was using the picture on her phone. “Weird,” she commented on a fan page this week. Measurement Victoria Villarroel also turned on and noticed that it was “very” strange.

Now Tana explains how she used Stormi’s bath time photo as her lock screen.

Her manager, David Weintraub, has a statement to E! News from the vlogger. “It’s a funny viral meme,” Tana said. “My friends and I have all done it. People take things too seriously – proof that I can only exist and be canceled.”

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