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Rep. Reuben Gallego calls Lindsey Graham a hypocrite, a liar and a coward

Rep. Reuben Gallego sen. Lindsey Graham called a hypocrite, a liar and a coward, all rolled into one person.


Rep.Gallego responded to Jim Acosta who read to him The Washington Post’s version of Lindsey Graham’s behavior during the 1/6 attack by saying:

Lindsey Graham is a hypocrite, liar and coward all wrapped up in one person being. You know, he was a person who was actually part of the problem before the election, to participate in all the conspiracy theories, it says the election could possibly was stolen. He is therefore part of the problem, and many of these others politicians who, you know, are hiding behind the Capitol Police and hiding behind Capitol Police on January 6 and beyond turned on they are part of the problem and go continue to be part of the problem.

It covers everything else. The fact that we still see this former Trump, you know, Whot House officials on TV as if they did not participate in a almost coup d’etat of this country, you see them all on corporate boards across this country. You know, we really need to close them down in all ways because what they did is terrible, and the fact that we – and I say “We” as a society – pretend that everything is good is not is it actually going to cause happen again and maybe even be successful.

Progressive groups try to Rep. Recruit Gallego to Sen. Challenge Kyrsten Cinema in the 2024 Democratic primary and it’s easy to understand why. Cinema makes every decision through a filter of personal political ambition, while Gallego speaks from a core belief in right and wrong.

Lindsey Graham has rarely been described in such blunt terms, but Graham has shown nothing but hypocrisy, falsehood and cowardice since clinging to Donald Trump after John McCain died.

Gallego made it clear that people like Lindsey Graham are wrong with Congress.

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