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Angelina Jolie dresses as giraffe for Eternals Halloween Party

Angelina Jolie went above and beyond to celebrate Halloween with her Eternal co-star.

In honor of the terrifying holiday, Gemma Chan has never posted seen photos of the festivities that took place in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic and while the Marvel movie was still in production.

On Sunday 31 October, Gemma had a Instagram carousel of images including one of Angelina dressed in a cute giraffe onesie while posing next to co-star Lauren Ridloff. Lauren en Brian Tyree Henry both channeled the 2019 horror movie Midsomer.

Meanwhile, Gemma as Uma Thurmancharacter from 1994s Pulp Fiction, while Richard Madden was a skeleton, complete with painted face and long bony hands.

According to Variety, Angelina threw the bash in the Canary Islands in 2019, while director Chloe Zhao‘s film was shot on location. “It was a pre-COVID celebration,” the cast said. Lia McHugh told the publication. “It was really fun.”

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