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Are Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan looking for a private bodyguard for son Aryan Khan? | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

After the release of their eldest son Ariese Khan out of jail, power couple Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan they leave no stone unturned to protect their son’s safety. Now, according to a report in an entertainment portal, Shah Rukh is looking for a private bodyguard which can ensure Aryan security. The report in the portal said: ‘Shah Rukh has been shaken. He wonders if things would have gone to this level if there had been a bodyguard with Aryan, who had taken care of him. Just as he has for Ravi, who looked after him, SRK is now looking to appoint one for Aryan as soon as possible. ‘ Aryan’s arrest in the infamous cruise drug case gave King Khan and Gauri Khan sleepless nights worried about their son’s well-being. Now that Aryan is back home after being granted bail by the High Court in Bombay, SRK and Gauri apparently planned a new and strict routine for him. According to reports, Aryan will not be allowed to leave the house for several days due to the presence of a large number of media people and fans outside. Shah Rukh and Gauri will apparently also keep him away from attending parties and public glamor. Not only that, but reports indicate that he will undergo a series of health examinations since he was away from home in prison. His mother, Gauri Khan, who is extremely worried about Aryan’s health because he did not eat well in prison, will apparently take proper dietary advice from knowledgeable nutritionists after medical examinations are done. Apart from his physical examination, Shah Rukh and Gauri leave no stone unturned to take care of his mental health as well. They apparently planned counseling sessions for Aryan so that he could come out of this chapter that ripped him from within and took a serious toll on his mental health. According to a report in an entertainment portal, SRK and Gauri Khan not only planned to ground their son for two to three months, but also decided to monitor their son’s movements and the company he keeps to ensure that he stays away from those who may or may not invite trouble into his life.

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