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Mike Flynn tried to blackmail election officials to reinstate Trump

Mike Flynn’s treacherous crime against America took another turn when his blackmail plot against elected officials by a Pennsylvania candidate was eliminated.

Republican US Senate candidate Everett Stern set out Flynn’s blackmail plot

Video of Stern’s press conference:

Stern claimed that people affiliated with Flynn’s Patriot Caucus group tried to hire his intelligence firm Tactical Rabbit to: “They wanted to gather information about senators, judges, congressmen, state representatives to move them to the audit. The word ‘move’ has been greatly emphasized. “It was clear to me that what they wanted was not traditional opposition research – what they wanted was to blackmail people and literally move to the audit with filth.”

Stern said it emerges as a citizen who is concerned about the threat to democracy.

Flynn’s group also claimed that they had the help of people in foreign and domestic intelligence in their plot to blackmail election officials.

Flynn’s blackmail plot took place in 2021

This conspiracy did not happen right after the election. This happened earlier this year. Flynn believes he can re-appoint Trump to office, but the point is to undermine democracy to pave the way for a 2024 coup.

Mike Flynn called for an armed coup against the US government on Memorial Day weekend. Flynn is a dangerous threat to democracy, which would still be in jail if not for a Trump pardon.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro must investigate Stern’s allegations, and the Department of Justice must act because Mike Flynn poses an immediate threat to democracy.

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