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Southwest Investigative Pilot Signed Off with “Let’s Go Brandon” Code

“Let’s Go Brandon” serves as a phrase directly addressed to President Joe Biden. It is a replacement for “F *** Jo Biden” and originated in a way that can only be associated with pure and proud MAGA culture. A Southwest Airline pilot, on a flight from Houston to Albuquerque, signed off on the phrase over the weekend, according to numerous outlets, including CNN, Suidwes is now investigating the incident.

For reasons beyond comprehension, college football fans, mostly confined to the southeastern U.S., began shouting “F *** Joe Biden” months ago as a pre-match song. The song evolved into “Let’s Go Brandon” in a bizarre incident as reported by IBD:

The phrase began circulating in early October, when an NBC Sports reporter interviewed NASCAR driver Brandon Brown at the Alabama Talladega Superspeedway. During the interview, the crowd was heard shouting: “[Expletive] Joe Biden. ”

However, the reporter thought the audience was showing their support for the driver. “You can hear the singing of the crowd: ‘Let’s go, Brandon!'” The reporter said at the time.

One could easily argue that most of the crowd actually shouted “let’s go Brandon.” Regardless, none of this will matter at all, but for one important point.

MAGA culture, indeed the MAGA cult, often seems to exist to serve no greater function than “activating the libs.” As president, Trump angered the left with outrageous behavior, and the bullying MAGAs could not get enough. The “trigger” was a big middle finger for our “PC” efforts, a perfect response to the question of respecting LGBTQ friends or any other marginalized group.

But Trump is no longer president and the MAGAs need to work a little harder to activate the libs. They are now addicted and do not give up so high. The refusal to vaccinate themselves is a political statement that makes common sense centrist and “left” anger, which serves as another (relatively) low risk “f-you” for liberals. And now, “Let’s Go Biden” was heard on the floor of the House of Representatives, a Ted Cruz tweet, and – apparently, on a Southwest flight, said with one goal in mind:

Associated Press Reporter Colleen Long, who was on the flight revealed that the pilot used the phrase as his farewell greeting. The remark led to audible breathing of passengers.

And that was the whole point, the trigger, the audible panting. Suidwes made a lot of noise about inclusivity, and investigations. They are likely to follow up on the matter, take it seriously and punish the pilot. After all, they want to sell as many seats as possible. But the meme itself is here to at least stay until the MAGAs get tired of it and find a new “trigger”.
****, @JasonMiciak, Sub-stack: Very Busy About Everything: By Jason Miciak

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