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Shakira reflects on that “crazy” run-up with wild boars

As if that was not already strange enough, Shakira said there were other people at the park, but they “just watched and did nothing”.

No one was injured during the disturbing encounter, although Shakira and her son did walk away without lunch. “Of course my son’s sandwich was inside the wallet, so that’s why they were so interested,” she explained. “They then took the sandwich and walked away and left my wallet.”

Shakira added: “It was wild.”

While Shakira may be in “His Wolf” mode when repelling pigs, she’s a whole other person at home. The Colombian superstar, who shares Milan and 6-year-old son Sasha with long-term partner Gerard Piqué, recently told Cosmopolitan that she’s trying to shut down her “producer” side as soon as she’s in the door. But it’s sometimes easier said than done.

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