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Hockey India responds to former Indian women’s team coach Sjoerd Marijne’s remarks about pending fees

Former women’s hockey team head coach Sjoerd Marijne‘s full and final ‘salary was discontinued on the recommendations of Hockey India (HI) after he was refused a’ No Objection Certificate ‘because he did not return his official laptop, which according to the Dutchman is on his way to India. now. According to sources from the Sports Authority of India (SAI), Marijne’s six-day salary, amounting to USD 1,800, was suspended. His tenure ended after India’s deserved fourth place at the Tokyo Olympics. HI confirmed that he had not issued a No Objection Certificate to clean up Marijne’s remaining part of salary of USD 1800 which is equivalent to the value of the laptop.

With the conviction of Marijne for disclosing the issue, HI said the non-return of the laptop amounts to data theft and sanctions should be taken against him.

Marijne, based in Den Bosch, said he took the laptop with him for repair after it broke down in August and has now returned it.

“Until 31 July 2021, all his membership fees have been settled and an amount of only USD 1800 is pending with us for his working days from 1 to 6 August which we will clear after we have received the official laptop according to the contract,” said a SAI source told PTI.

“The SAI has withheld its pending payments after receiving official notice from Hockey India, which advised us not to give it NOC, as it has still not submitted its official laptop.”

However, the SAI source said once they receive the official laptop, they will clear his payment.

When contacted by PTI from Den Bosch in the Netherlands, Marijne said he expects a “complete and final” settlement with his former employer by next week.

“If you ask about my membership fees, a significant amount is pending at SAI. But I am in constant contact with SAI officials and they assured me that it will be clarified as soon as (full a final payment) they receive the official laptop .

“What actually happened was that during the Olympics, my laptop that was given to me by my employer was destroyed and when my contract expired, I brought it with me to have it repaired in the Netherlands, but it did not happen. .

“So, I have sent the laptop back to India and I think they will receive it by this week,” he said.

“I have had a very happy and successful relationship with India and SAI and the SAI officials assured me that once they receive the laptop, they will clear up my membership fees. So I am not bothered at all.”

HI, however, condemned Marijne for trying to “slander Indian sports administration” and even went so far as to say that the non-return of the laptop amounts to data theft and punitive measures should be taken against him.

“Failure to return the laptop issued to him amounts to data theft as it contains enormous amounts of critical data about Indian players. We recommend taking the necessary sanctions against Marijne for recovering the laptop and the data. to facilitate what it contains, “HI Secretary-General Rajinder Singh said in a statement.

“HI wants to unequivocally condemn the malicious attempt to paint a bleak picture of Indian sports administration by former Mr Sjoerd Marijne.

“We are extremely disappointed that although we have the opportunity to have an extremely lucrative job here in India provided by SAI, it is the kind of response that we observe after completing his term of office.”

HI said Marijne was paid his salary until August 7, 2021 and was only owed a balance amount of USD 1800, which has the same value as the laptop he has yet to return.

“He also has yet to submit his report on the 2020 Olympic Games … It is disappointing that individuals from certain European countries come to India for lucrative work, but want to criticize the company as soon as they leave.

“We have also recently seen the reaction of certain European countries to the Indian athletes who won FIH Annual Awards, who do not speak well of them.”

The Indian women’s hockey team stunned everyone by finishing fourth in the four-year-old event under Marijne’s leadership.

On their return home, they received a big welcome from all quarters, with the government of Uttar Pradesh congratulating the team members in Lucknow on 19 August with cash awards.

The UP government gave Rs 50 lakh each to the women hockey team members and Rs 10 lakh each to the support staff, but Marijne was unable to attend the function due to his personal obligations and he is still waiting for his reward.

“Yes, I am also in communication with the UP government officials. Actually, I could not attend the event and so there were some problems with details of my bank account, which have now been settled,” Marijne said.


Responding to the issue of prize money, Singh said: “The Indian sports ecosystem and HI have the highest esteem for the athlete. Any prize money or performance incentive is prioritized for them and rightly so.

“The payment of such a prize money is given at the discretion of the state and corporate. A coach who receives a salary for a specific job cannot keep himself in the same light and demand it.

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