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Lawrence O’Donnell warns not to read too much into Virginia election results

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell puts the Virginia results into perspective and reminds people not to over-analyze them.


O’Donnell told MSNBC:

There is always a risk of overinterpretation of governors’ races and what they may mean for Washington. If you look at Virginia, it’s such a strange situation there. You have – it’s a deadline state. They really just want them governors to serve one term. So you ask Virginia voters to defy kind of their own habits by restoring a former governor to become governor again, which they had only done it once before. They did it with a Democrat candidate who in 1965 I think it was. And then in 1973 he ran again and won as a Republican. So what Terry McAuliffe was never tried to do tonight is done. And so there were four years of a McAuliffe governorship that was on the line, it was orphan evaluated by voters, and there was – you know, Youngkin does not have a record. He has that advantage of not to have a record.

It’s a very strange race to try to take into account what does it mean in Washington. It will not stop people do it. They will do it in the Huse. They will do it in the Senate. There are members of the House who has never served minority previously in the House of Rrepresentatives. They will hear things about what it is to serve in the minority. There will be people who are they try to worry. About what they should do in provisions of this legislation negotiation is now going on the ground to get this account so fast across the finish line if possible. There will be a new urgency in that. It will be a fear-based urgency it was not there last week.

Virginia was a state election on which Democrats had to draw too many national conclusions. Democrats may have gotten a taste of the strategy Republicans are likely to use in 2022, but Virginia’s governor term restriction makes it a unique state, and one that does not lend itself well, not national extrapolation.

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