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Shah Rukh Khan’s manager, Pooja Dadlani, paid Rs 50 lakh to save Arya Khan, but the money was returned, ‘middleman’ claims Sam D’Souza | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Ariese Khan may be out on bail in the Mumbai vessel drug case, but the controversy surrounding the case refuses to die down. According to reports, a certain Sam D’Souza, one of the people mentioned in the affidavit submitted by Prabhakar Sail, a witness in the case, in a TV interview, claimed that SRK’s manager Pooja Dadlani paid money in hopes of rescuing Aryan from arrest, but that the money was returned when they realized what they were asking for is not possible. A businessman by profession, D’Souza claims that SRK’s manager gave RP 50 lakh to KP Gosavi, a witness in the case, but after realizing that Gosavi was a ‘fraud’, he apparently asked him to return the money to Pooja. Dadlani. Sail said in his affidavit that Gosavi, Dadlani and D’Souza met on October 3. According to reports, the meeting went like this – A person arrived in a car and handed over two bags to Sail, which he took to D ‘. Souza at a five star hotel. D’Souza allegedly counted the money and said it was only Rs 38 lakh, according to the affidavit. Sail then allegedly claimed to have heard a conversation where Gosavi and the others discussed claiming Rs 25 crore, of which Rs 8 crore would be paid to NCB’s zonal director Sameer Wankhede, who is currently being investigated by a security team investigating extortion charges against him in the same case. While D’Souza spoke to the TV channel, he was quoted as saying: ‘After much abuse and pressure we managed to recover Rs 38 lakh from Gosavi, the rest we contributed and paid back to Dadlani and we understand that Gosavi was a scam. ‘Aryan Khan, who was arrested on October 3 after a drug raid on a vessel party by the Narcotics Control Bureau, was granted bail by the High Court in Bombay on October 28. He walked out of Mumbai’s Arthur road jail on October 30.

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