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‘She looks like Alia Bhatt when she smiles’, says netizens after seeing remarkable similarities between the actress and her double | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

It is said that every person has seven doubles in the world and when it comes to celebs, it is always interesting to see how their appearance shares the striking similarities. Recently, the netizens came across an appearance of an actress Alia Bhatt on social media, who is an Assamese girl named Celesti Bairagey. After a video of her went viral on the internet, netizens were left stunned by the incredible similarities between the two. Celesti Bairagey grabbed her Instagram handle and dropped a video, in which she can be seen getting scared with a sudden flash. But what made the video go viral and went unnoticed by the netizens was how much she looked like Alia Bhatt when she smiled. While one of the users commented, ‘choti Alia bhatt’, another wrote: ‘Am I the only one who sees this or does she really look like @aliaabhatt?’ Another user looked astonished with her smile and wrote: ‘Alia bhatt ki trh smile krti ho tum toh’. Another user commented that her smile looked exactly like Alia’s, “She looks like Alia Bhatt when she smiles by covering her face.” Meanwhile, Celesti Bairagey has already become an internet sensation and is followed by more than 41 thousand netizens. Through her Insta feed, a blogger, Celesti dropped several photos of her that resembled Alia Bhatt. This is not the first time that the netizens have observed and encountered people with such striking similarities with celebs on social media. Earlier, photos of Pakistan-based Muslim beauty blogger Aamna Imran, which looks exactly actress and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan also went viral on social media. Anushka Sharma was also introduced to her twin Julia Michaels on social media suggests many incredible similarities between them. Speaking of Alia, the actress was in the news recently when fans saw her wearing a ring with the number 8 on it. Especially 8 is her boyfriend actor Ranbir Kapoor’s lucky number and she often calls him 8.

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