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Dan Levy ended up in a neck brace at the end of Schitt’s Creek

From “Hy, David“to” Oh, David “very fast.

Over the course of the show’s five years, Schitt’s Creek fans welcomed the Rose family into their living rooms and grew to absolutely worship them, flaws and all. But with the incredible success of the program came some downfalls, such as by season six of the multi-Emmy Award-winning series, creator and star Dan Levy had to wear a neck brace due to stress, which turned out to be simply the worst.

In an interview with GQ for their “Heroes Issue,” Levy opened up about the stress that came with the show. “The anxiety in my neck was so severe that I could not move it.” Levy recalled. “At one point there was an acupuncturist and a chiropractor who came in every day with lunch to work on my neck so I could really perform and not, you know, look like I needed a neck brace.”

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