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Rachel Maddow completely destroys the media myth of Biden’s bad 2021 election night

Rachel Maddow showed that Biden has actually fared better over the past 30 years of first-year presidents on election night.

Rachel Maddow: Democrats have no reason to panic on election night


Maddow said:

Honestly, what happened here, for the past 30 years, every time we have a new president, that first year of the new president, the president’s party loses both Virginia Governor and New Jersey governor, every time, except this time the Democrats New Jersey has not lost. In a rational world, it would not be a cause democratic panic. On the contrary. Democrats beat the odds. They did everything the great communicator did, Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan is the last president who got it right, the last time a president managed to lose just one of those governorships, the great communicator Ronald Reagan. You would think it would be reason for celebration in the DDemocratic Party. But that’s not how we do things. In the beltway press today you can see for themselves how they treated it.

But, you know, even if you want to to take a wider lens of it, look how different were things go in big high-profile elections for the Democrats since President Biden was elected. Back in June there was a special congressional election. It was in New Mexico. Republicans consider it a big opportunity, talked about how they were optimistic about it outcome and that congress race in June, finally the Democrat not only won the seat but won by a greater than expected margin, womp-womp.

In September, Republicans and especially the conservatives media, they have themselves a lot excited about the big recall attempt against the Democratic Governor of California, nationwide repeal. They would throw him out of office, would the Republicans rise in California and humiliate the Democrats in it race. What happened in that race? The Democratic governor has well, in fact he just won about as much as he won the seat by in the first place. Just a colossal waste of money and energy and breath. It went absolutely nowhere they.

And now, last night, for the for the first time since the 1980s, Republicans could not turn around those two governorships like the opposing party con do in the first year of each new presidency goes all the way back to Poppy Bush. They only got one. Dems held to the other. Why this scenario should be reason for Democratic freakout is past me. I mean, if you’re a Democrat and you enjoy dying out, knocking yourself out. Be my guest. But rationally, big picture, you would rather be Joe’s party Pray as Donald’s party Trump at the moment.

Democrats are crazy because the media told them they were doing a bad job

Democrats still have not learned that corporate media is not an honest broker. His entire business model is built on conflict and division. The media had already cast a single vote before deciding that the 2021 election would be a failure and a rebuke to Joe Biden.

Apparently they based it on their own desire to pump up Republicans and not a shred of historical fact.

Biden has fared better than the past three decades of first-year presidents.

The corporate media can not be trusted as they present their own narratives before the facts.

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