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Republican Ciattarelli announces he will not concede in New Jersey’s governor race

The Republican nominee for governor in New Jersey announced today that he will not concede the race.

The Associated Press report:

The result of New Jersey’s election for governor will be “legal and fair,” regardless of the outcome, Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli said Thursday in his first remarks since The Associated Press declared incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy the winner of the election.

Ciattarelli did not concede the election.

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“No one should declare victory or concede the election until every legitimate vote has been counted,” Ciattarelli said in the 2-minute video posted on Twitter.

Ciattarelli, a former member of the House, said he would wait for the state’s 21 provinces to complete the counting of thousands of postal and other ballots, which could last until next week, before deciding whether to go for a recount. will ask.

Under state law, there is no automatic recount and the party seeking one must file a case with the state Supreme Court in the country where the recount is requested.

The governor has a difficult road ahead of him after the election was apparently stolen on election night.

New Jersey gubernatorial race calls for 20,000 votes for Democrat Murphy after mysteriously receiving 40,000 ballots overnight

Other incidents of fraud have been reported, including machines not working.

More fraud uncovered in New Jersey election – voting machines will not allow citizens to vote for Republican gubernatorial candidate

Individuals were also allowed to vote without being legally registered.

New Jersey Gubernatorial Electoral Officer: “I Will Allow You [Non-Citizen/Non-Registered Voter] Fill in a ballot now “(VIDEO)

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