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Adam Schiff confirms that Trump’s staff is turning on him

Trump’s own White House staff and administration officials are appealing to the 1/6 committee without being sued.

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When MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell asked if any of the nearly 150 interviews conducted by the 1/6 committee contained Trump officials, Rep. Schiff replied:

They do include people from the former administration. They include people in the private sector. This includes people are experts in some of the – for example, the social media issues that we investigate. So they run the spectrum.

But I think what was encouraging for us is because we have the cooperation of people in public and private sector we know what to ask for. And we know when we make the claim production of documents, and we do not get the full truth that we can have those parties accountable.

Rep. Schiff confirms that without Trump in the White House to threaten them to cooperate and hinder them if they do not cooperate, former officials of his administration fired the former president.

The former officials do not all have money like Trump and Steve Bannon, so they come forward and do not wait for a subpoena to come their way.

Schiff, chairman of the intelligence committee, was correct. The 1/6 committee has teeth, and people are afraid of it. The fact that Trump administration officials are turning against Trump is a sign that the rule of law is returning.

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