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Biden explains build back better in 2 sentences

During a statement on the new job numbers, President Biden did what the Republicans fear most. He explained Build Back Better in two easy sentences.


President Biden said: “This is because the Build Back Bpus framework lowers you health care bills, child care, prescription medicine, and kindergarten. And families get a tax cut. ”

That little clear message is what scares Republicans because BBB is easy to understand. This is an account for families, working people, children and our elders. It will save you money and, for many Americans, lower their taxes. It creates millions of jobs, fights climate change and reduces the deficit.

Once this bill is approved and signed into law, Democrats can run against Republicans who want to take away their child care, health care and tax cuts.

Republicans had it easy when Democrats fought among themselves, but that’s all going to change, and it’s starting with House votes on Friday.

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