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Dakota Johnson says Cancel Culture is an “F-King Downer”

Dakota Johnson can be canceled for her comments on canceling culture.

The Fifty shades of gray actress called the movement an “f – king downer” in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and says she understands that people should be held accountable, but questions whether cancellation culture does more harm than good.

As someone who previously worked with Shia LaBeouf and Armie Hammer, the actress has seemingly mixed feelings in light of the allegations of abuse each man has faced, sharing: “I never experienced it firsthand from any of those people.”

Dakota previously played with Armie The Social Network and the 2019 horror film Wounds, which appeared in the same year as her movie The Peanut Falcon, with the Even Stevens actor.

Dakota said she “had an incredible time working with them” on those projects, even though her relationship with each individual was purely professional.

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