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Everything to know on the way to Stranger Things Day

Grab your Eggo Waffles, because Strange things Day is just around the corner.

The holiday of 6 November commemorates the day Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) went missing in season one, featuring a series of fascinating supernatural adventures, a generation of Hollywood’s next child stars and the revival of Winona Ryder.

So it’s no wonder the streamer does everything to celebrate eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and company. The big day kicks off at midnight tonight and promises to be very tantalizing for season four. For example, at 07:00 PT, the social media accounts for Strange things shall reveal details of a new location that will be displayed in season four: The Golden State of California.

Hawkins, Indiana, has been the home base for the past three seasons, but with the Byers moving out of town and Jim Hopper (David harbor) captured in Russia, we expected to leave the Hoosier state. Not to mention, a September 2019 teaser remarked, “we are no longer in hawks.”

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