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Fake House moderates demand CBO score to build better, but lack of support Add two-party infrastructure

There is some serious hypocrisy to be seen in the House of Representatives, as moderates are demanding a CBO score for Build Back Better while supporting a bipartisan infrastructure bill that contributes to the deficit.

Sahil Kapur of NBC News tweeted:

The moderate concern has nothing to do with the debt. They are trying to save their own seats and are afraid to vote for programs that benefit families, children, the poor, the middle class and our elders because they think they will be labeled with the socialist label next year.

As one who has covered the midterm congressional elections for almost 20 years, I can say with some certainty that no matter how the moderate Democrats vote in the House, they will be branded as socialist. It does not matter.

The moderates put their own interests above the welfare of the country. They were elected to take the tough votes, not to evade and hide behind demands for CBO scores.

The vast majority of Americans want these bills passed. Moderates are going to have a big problem with Democratic voters in their districts if they continue to play these games with Build Back Better.

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