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GOP tries to recruit candidate to fight Trump-endorsed candidate in Pennsylvania Senate race

Despite having just achieved an unlikely victory with Glenn Youngkin’s victory Tuesday in Virginia, the Republican Party is already at odds with itself, in at least one key race.

Instead of focusing on the major campaign issues, Pennsylvania Republicans are trying to recruit a new candidate to run for the Senate – despite the fact that there is already a strong candidate in the race endorsed by President Trump.

The GOP’s preferred candidate is Treasurer and former Treasury Department official David McCormick.

McCormick would also be a matbagger: He lives in Connecticut, not Pennsylvania.

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Curious situation

Many Republicans elected to office in 2022 seek the approval of former President Donald Trump. In September, Trump current Pennsylvania Senate endorsed candidate Sean Parnell.

However, Parnell is handling allegations of domestic abuse by his ex-wife amid a custody battle. Parnell has denied any wrongdoing, but image is everything in politics.

Interestingly, McCormick has his own ties to Trump. His wife Dina Powell McCormick served as deputy national security adviser in the Trump administration.

The other declared candidate is Carla Sands, who also has ties to Trump. Sands served as ambassador to Denmark during the Trump administration.

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Kry Trump?

Enter David McCormick. He has a pretty impressive resume. He is from the Pittsburgh area, a West Point graduate, attended Army Ranger School, served in the Gulf War and received a bronze star. He holds a Princeton degree with a Ph.D. D. and served in the top tier of the Treasury Division in the George W. Bush administration.

In turn, Parnell is an Army veteran who fought in the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan for more than a year.

Republicans will be looking for those who can do what he did, bring in independents, suburban voters and women, but also some cross-democrats who can not match the radical agenda put forward by so many Democratic candidates.

However, the unspoken desire of the top GOP buyers in Pennsylvania is to do it all minus Trump.

What Pennsylvania Republicans, or anywhere else for the cause, will not be able to get away with is the fact that Glenn Youngkin also won because of support from the Republican Party base, which Donald Trump still strongly supports.

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Top PA Republicans are all in

David McCormick does get glowing remarks from top Pennsylvania GOP officials who think he can win if he does run.

Pennsylvania Republican National Committee member Christine Toretti said, “I think he will be the best chance we have for the Republican Party. I find his candidacy very interesting.”

Former Republican Party spokesman Greg Manz, also a veteran of both Trump campaigns, said: “David McCormick will quickly emerge as the frontrunner. show set. ”

It seems that the GOP in general has some decisions to make when it comes to whether they will try to express Trump or not.

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