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Western Australia allegedly has no COVID, vaccinations continue but hospitals are overwhelmed

Something going on in Western Australia. Vaccinations are very high – COVID hardly exists – But hospitals are overwhelmed with patients.

The Conservative tree house notes:

Noticed by Alex Berenson, something very strange is happening in the state of Western Australia (WA) where a population of almost 3 million people lives. The WA state was locked up and isolated from the COVID-19 impacts in the eastern states.

There is very little COVID cases in closed Western Australia, which gave them time to prepare for the possible arrival of the virus which includes a massive vaccination effort. The state modeled an expected outbreak of the COVID virus in early 2022, early next year. However, as vaccination rates increase, hospitals are overwhelmed with new patients and the Premier cannot explain why.

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Alex Berernson takes note of comments made by WA Premier Mark McGowan on October 31 about hospitals currently being overwhelmed. “Our hospitals are under tremendous pressure. It’s the same in [the rest of Australia]. It was something no one has ever seen, the growth in demand in our hospitals, why it’s hard, hard to know … There are large numbers of people coming through the door, so we do everything we can to to try to manage it, ” says Premier McGowan.

Here is a video of the Prime Minister explaining his state of affairs situation.

Just throw it out – could it have something to do with the vaccine?

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