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White House now says Biden is ‘perfectly comfortable’ paying illegal immigrants after calling the report ‘rubbish’

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said President Biden was “perfectly comfortable” with the Department of Justice paying illegal immigrants who had previously been separated at the border.

Her remarks, made during a press briefing on Thursday, came hours after the president claimed reports of payments were “rubbish”.

“If it saves taxpayers’ dollars and puts the disastrous history of the previous administration’s use of zero tolerance and family separation behind it,” Jean said, “the president is completely comfortable with the Department of Justice dealing with the individuals and families currently living there. in litigation with the US government. “

When asked about the payments, which were initially reported by the Wall Street Journal as as high as $ 450,000 per illegal and potentially $ 1 million per family, Biden said Wednesday: “It’s not going to happen.”

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked the president if such excessive payments would encourage more migrants to cross the border illegally.

Biden replied, “If you keep sending out that garbage, yes, but it’s not true.”

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Conveniently paying illegal immigrants

President Biden was immediately hit with a setback because he called reports that his administration was considering paying illegal immigrants “rubbish”.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Prayed and suggested that he have no idea what his own administration is doing.

“President Biden may not have been fully informed about the actions of his own Department of Justice, as it has carefully considered the crimes against thousands of families separated from their children and regarded them as a deliberate government policy,” the ACLU executive said. director Anthony D. Romero said. .

The Journal reported that the potential payout to illegal immigrants is in response to those lawsuits filed by parents and children claiming the government has subjected them to “lasting psychological trauma.”

By withdrawing Biden’s denial, Jean claimed that the president was only calling the payment amounts “garbage,” not the actual act of possible payment of illegal immigrants separated at the border.

“The president was – to which he responded, the dollar figure mentioned – which you mentioned to him yesterday,” Jean told Doocy.

She added: “The DOJ has made it clear to the plaintiffs that the reported figures are higher than anywhere a settlement can land.”

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Republicans are furious at the idea that the US government pays illegal immigrants because they are allegedly subjected to “trauma”.

Kevin McCarthy, leader of the minority house, described the policy as “pure madness”.

McCarthy tweeted: “It’s a slap in the face to our law-abiding citizens who wake up, go to work and pay their taxes.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also rejected the proposal.

“I mean, you think about it, Americans get more in their gas bills, they get more in their grocery bills,” the Republican governor pointed out.

“You have had all kinds of very bad policies in our country that have limited freedom,” DeSantis added. “And you’re going to turn around for that, and you’re going to do $ 450,000 for an individual who came to this country illegally?”

While most Republicans and conservative experts are indeed focused on the dollar amount, something Biden insists is rubbish, the question is, does the number that follows the dollar sign matter at all?

What amount of payments to illegal immigrants is acceptable? $ 350,000? $ 200,000? Is $ 10,000 not too much?

“If he’s not okay with $ 450,000, how much money is it right to give to these illegal immigrants?” Doocy asked the deputy press secretary.

However, Jean refused to express what Biden was comfortable with in that regard, and avoided an answer and deviated to the DOJ.

“This is something that the Department of Justice is going to deal with,” she replied. “I just explained what he thought and how it is – the process has moved forward. The DOJ will talk about the details of this.”

Jean continued to focus on the Trump administration’s policy of separating adults from children at the border – a continuation of previous administrations’ policies – suggesting that the former president was actually to blame for possibly being illegal for them. ‘trauma’ had to pay.

“It comes from the last administration’s cruel, inhuman, immoral – immoral policy against – against righteous people,” she claimed.

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