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Kieran Culkin almost played a different character on follow-up

Follow-up could have looked very different.

On the HBO drama, Kieran Culkin plays media mogul Logan Roy’s youngest son, the lazy, entitled and often sneering Roman Roy. But casting directors originally had a different role for the actor in mind.

“They wanted me to read to cousin Greg,” Culkin, 39, said in a statement. maintenance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in the lead role on Friday, Nov. 5, “for which I just did not feel right.”

He continued, “They asked me to read to Greg. I knew I was wrong … normally, in any other script, I would be like, ‘OK, I’m not ready for the part, I’m going close it, I continue to read on, ‘but I just liked the screenplay, so I read on, I was like,’ Oh, there’s this guy ‘whose first line is something I did not on you can not say Show. “

Culkin then changed his mind and said, “He’s saying, ‘Hey, hey, ma – kers,’ and I thought, well, I like that. this old. I like the way he talks. I can do that. “

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