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Nawab Malik tweets ‘Sameer Wankhede removed from Aryan Khan case’, NCB explains ‘No officer removed from their current roles’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

The Drug Administration has six of his cases from the Mumbai team to their counterparts in Delhi and Mumbai cruise drugs bust case is one of them. According to some reports, IPS official Sanjay Singh will now investigate Ariese Khan case. As soon as this news reached the headlines, the Maharashtra cabinet minister Nawab Malik took to his Twitter account and wrote, ‘Sameer Wankhede removed from 5 cases, including the Aryan Khan case. There are a total of 26 cases to be investigated. It’s just the beginning … much more needs to be done to clean up this system and we will do it. ‘ However, the anti-drug agency later explained in a statement that, ‘No officer or officers have been removed from their current roles and they will continue to assist the Operations Branch investigation as required until any specific orders to the contrary are issued. word. ‘ It further stated: ‘A special investigation team consisting of officers of the Operational Branch of the Narcotics Control Bureau headquarters has been set up by the Director-General, NCB to take over a total of 06 cases from the NCB Mumbai Sonal Unit which is national and international consequences, in order to investigate more deeply to find forward and backward connections. ‘ Wankhede also responded to rumors of his removal from the investigation and told a news agency: ‘I was not removed from the investigation. It was my written petition in court that the case be investigated by a central agency. The Aryan case and Sameer Khan case are therefore being investigated by the SIT of Delhi NCB. This is a coordination between NCB teams from Delhi and Mumbai. ‘

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