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Pelosi and Biden prove the media wrong on infrastructure

The corporate media and experts stated that infrastructure was dead several times, only to be proven wrong by Pelosi and Biden.

Here is just an example of the headlines that indicate that the Infrastructure Bill is doomed:

On and on, the “Democrats in Disorder” headlines went on for months. Over and over again, corporate media has told the American people that Democrats would never get it right.

PoliticusUSA and I have been telling our readers for months that infrastructure will be done. The process would be messy, but at the end of the day it would pass.

The mainstream media mostly consists of people with no expertise in politics

How does the media so often go wrong?

There are a few reasons.

First, most of the people who cover politics at major outlets have no expertise in government and politics. Most of these people do not have political science degrees. They never worked in government. The expert class is different, but they are mostly paid to offer opinions and generate discussion. Stakeholders do not care to be right or wrong, as much as they are paid for the proverbial hot consumption that is oxygen to the corporate media.

An equal issue in size and scope is that, like the Republican Party, the corporate media’s oxygen divide and controversy. Covering the slow and steady march toward legislative success is boring for them, so they find angles to play the drama.

In the case of infrastructure, the drama never matched the reality that Democrats widely supported the components of the bill itself. Even the six House Democrats who voted no on the infrastructure bill support it. They do not agree with the structure and timing of the vote.

The media ignored that fact and played up the drama.

Viewers and readers deserve better. They deserve to get their news from people who are educated or have experience in the field. (Full disclosure: I have a political science and advanced training in politics and government.)

Some of the mainstream media are entertainment reporters, who are more interested in drama and controversy than real politics, and when they go into this rabbit hole, they run the risk of sketching a distorted picture for viewers and readers.

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Biden and Pelosi knew what they were doing

President Biden and Speaker Pelosi were met with a chorus of no-sayers in the media as they kept telling that the American people’s infrastructure would succeed.

The President and Speaker of the House were correct. They knew what they were doing. Speaker Pelosi should enter history as one of the House Speakers of all time. President Biden is well on his way to a historic presidency.

Build Back Better will be done.

Biden and Pelosi are doing what the media claims was impossible, and the American people should celebrate their success.

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