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Hillary and dr. Fauci meets at funeral

They looked like long-lost lovers who are so happy to be reunited at a funeral.

Hillary Clinton and dr. Fauci, two Americans who did more to destroy this country than any other living person besides Obama, met yesterday at the funeral of vaccine-protected General Colin Powell. They looked like long lost lovers. Sick.

Before losing to President Trump in the 2016 election, Hillary started rumors that Trump was teaming up with the Russians and pushed this story to the corrupt DOJ who then happily cooperated with it for Trump’s entire term. The story was a lie, which Hillary knew, and the corrupt American Intel agencies were happy to create the illusion that it was not and their efforts were legitimate.

BACK FLASH APRIL 2019: Fake Trump-Russia Alfa Bank connections were created by Hillary supporter, who worked with Fusion GPS – and printed by KROMME HILLARY!

TRENDING: SCIENTIFIC TREATMENT REPORT: American Traitors, Driven by Greed, Bet on China’s Success

Dr. Fauci, as we all know, funded more than 60 projects in Communist China and helped them with research and grants on how to create a deadly biological weapon. They succeeded in this attempt and last year dropped their weapon in an attempt to kill the US economy and remove Trump from power. To date, there have been no repercussions for China or Fauci.

BREAKING: Dr. Fauci funded 60 projects at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and all were in collaboration with the Chinese military

These two villains did more to destroy America than most people who live. No wonder they are so happy to see each other.

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