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‘Raid was pre-planned and Aryan Khan was sentenced in the drug case. Whole strategy finalized on 27 September ‘: Witness for police | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

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Aryan was framed, drug bust planned in advance: Witness to police

Every day, newer, even more shocking details emerge in the Mumbai craft drug case involving Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khanand son Aryan Khan. Each new revelation makes it look more and more like a Bollywood thriller with lots of drama, intriguing twists, emotions, villains and the like. Now, in the latest twist in the case, a person claiming to have been part of the alleged discussions before the attack told police that Shah Rukh Khan’s son was in fact framed by certain individuals who wanted to make money. Talk to ETimes, Vijay Pagare said: ‘I have reason to believe that the raid was planned in advance and Ariese Khan was framed in the drug case. The whole strategy was finalized on September 27, while the vessel was struck on October 2. ‘ He further added that the special SIT team recorded its statement on 3 November and 4 November. Pagare then claimed he was staying with Sunil Patil, who said he passed information on drugs on the voyage to the voyage. Drug Administration. Patil’s name appeared in the statement of Sam D’Souza, who said the panch witness KP Gosavi had saved Patil’s name on his cellphone as SW, referring to NCB zonal chief Sameer Wankhede, to indicate that he had direct access to the anti-drug agency.

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