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Room filled with guests at Mar-a-Lago breaks out with “Let’s Go Brandon” song (VIDEO)

On Saturday night, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump spoke at the annual 2021 Spirit of Lincoln Gala, hosted by the Log Cabin Republicans, which honored the former First Lady with an award

Former DNI Ric Grenell, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, Judge Jeanine Pirro and Rep. Chris Stewart also spoke and received awards.

Hundreds of patriots attended the Gala; There was so much that President Trump had to limit attendance to 700 people and said, “we can not get the help because of this administration.”

TRENDING: President Trump to The Gateway Pundit at Mar-a-Lago: “You guys are awesome !!” (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit joined the hundreds of patriots at the Gala and enjoyed a spectacular evening with our real President and our magnificent beautiful First Lady.

President Trump even told us how much he loves our website.

President Trump to The Gateway Pundit at Mar-a-Lago: “You guys are awesome !!” (VIDEO)

Rep. Chris Stewart also spoke about the sweeping victories and historic progress made under the Trump administration and Republican leadership.

During his speech, the crowd erupted and sang “Let’s Go Brandon,” which really means fucking Joe Biden.

Rep. Stewart replied, “If my name was Brandon, I would be so happy now.”

Joe Biden probably does not care that we do, because he thinks we encourage him.


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