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Bombay HC orders Nawab Malik to file official response in defamation case; NCB suspects illegal telephone tapping | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Since Aryan Khan’s arrest and subsequent bail in the Mumbai vessel drug case, Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik made one charge after another against Sameer Wankhede, sonal director of the Narcotics Control Bureau, ranging from extortion to ‘kidnapping’. Wankhede’s father, Dnyandev Wankhede, recently had a libel case against the NCP leader in the High Court in Bombay, who is seeking permanent orders to prevent Nawab Malik, his party members and others from targeting or violating the Wankhede family’s reputation in any way. Now, the Bombay HC asked the NCP leader to submit an official response in the defamation case. The Bombay HC took note of Malik’s answers on social media and told him to submit an official response to the court by Tuesday, November 9th. The case was set for trial on November 10. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the NCB also took note of Nawab Malik’s many claims and activities on social media. After Malik recently leaked a telephone conversation between Sam D’Souza and NCB official, VV Singh, the agency now suspects illegal phone tapping. According to a media report, NCB sources suspect that Singh’s phone was tapped after the agency’s actions on a retired Mumbai Police ACP’s son in June 2021. The report further added that the agency also suspects that Sam D’Souza could have the conversation leak. Reports also indicate that senior NCB officials are now thinking about the issue and considering their next step. An NCB source reportedly told a news portal that two calls from Dubai were received by an NCB official after Nawab Malik’s press conference. D’Souza’s name first surfaced in connection with the payout allegations in the Mumbai cruise drug case involving superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son.

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