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GOP establishment states’ We vs. Trump ‘up in 2022:’ We support all our incumbents’

The attempt of the established Republicans to distance themselves from former President Donald Trump continues.

On Sunday during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet The Press”, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), was asked by Chuck Todd whether the committee would re-elect senators like Lisa Murkowski support from Alaska, whose challenger in next year’s primary election has already been endorsed by Trump.

Scott’s response was interesting to say the least, and can actually only be taken one way.

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The Message Is Clear

Scott made the message clear, saying,

“Absolutely. … We support all our incumbents. And luckily for us, we have amazing candidates running in our by-elections. And fortunately for us we have Bernie Sanders candidates on the other hand in a lot of primary elections, and that’s why we’ll be in a good position in ’22. “

So, if you’re someone who’s decided to challenge the status quo, and thinks you can do a better job than Senator Fill-in-the-Empty who has been a senator for so long, go for his earliest votes be looked up. microfilm good, sorry for you.

And if you happen to get an early approval from Donald Trump, it does not matter.

The GOP establishment will support incumbents – even those like Murkowski who voted to convict President Trump in sham performance schemes.

Again, we look at the establishment versus Donald Trump.

In other words, the establishment versus you.

What’s Lisa Murkowski ever reach? Has she ever done anything conservative? What exactly did she preserve? Is not that the point?

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The Swamp Protection Rocket

The rise of a political novice like Donald Trump is something Democrats certainly do not understand, and with a few exceptions, neither do Republicans.

But the task of the NRSC is very clear, protecting those who have managed to push themselves into the club, no matter how big a disaster they are, at all costs, whatever it costs.

Senator Scott was careful not to speak ill of a Trump signing. But now the establishment GOP feels their oats after Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia, where he accepted a Trump endorsement, but Trump was never near Virginia.

Another member of “the club” who said the silent part out loud is Trump critic and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.

During a CNN “State of the Union” appearance, Hogan described any Trump involvement in this way:

“I’m worried about that. This is, of course, an issue to contend with. And if the former president interferes with pre-elections and tries to nominate people who are not eligible for election in a general election in, for example, swing districts and purple states, it will hurt. “

Interfere? It is entirely possible that there could have been a rapid policy change, but did not Donald Trump become a private citizen, free to support the candidates of his choice once Joe Biden became president?

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Battle lines drawn

This is where the Republican Party is. The establishment republicans make it clear that they want Trump. But they know that the majority of the Republican base still supports him a lot.

Lisa Murkowski is one of seven Republican senators who voted to prosecute Trump. In June, Trump endorsed her primary opponent, Kelly Tshibaka. Murkowski rankings number two in the Senate to cast the most votes that are not in line with her party. But she will get the support of the NRSC.

A word of warning to anyone challenging a Republican incumbent, your support will come from average Americans who more than likely support Donald Trump, more than the Republican Party.

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