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Jim Jordan could be out of Congress as proposed Ohio card removes his seat

A proposed Ohio redistribution map will allow Rep. Jim Jordan’s district consolidates with that of Democratic Rep. Joyce Beatty, who virtually kicks Jordan out of the House. reported:

Allies of Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan is furious with the state Senate GOP for possibly putting the prominent House Republican’s seat at stake in a proposed redistribution card, Fox News has learned.


Kevin Eichinger, a spokesman for the Jordan campaign, suggested the proposed card was an attempt to pull the congressman out of his seat.

Jordan is crazy because he would be moved to a heavy democratic district

If the proposed map is finalized, Jordan will have no chance, as he will have to run into a new district consisting mainly of the city of Columbus, where the seat is currently held by Joyce Beatty, chairwoman of the Black Caucus of Congress. word.

Joe Biden received 70% of the vote in the district by 2020, and Beatty fared even better than Biden with 70.8% support.

If this is the new card, Rep. Jordan be a toast. His chances of winning the seat, although not zero, would be very low.

Jordan’s campaign accuses Republican leaders of trying to get rid of him and promising to run for re-election. Rep. Jordan is free to run, but his is clearly a seat that the Ohio Republican Party did not consider worth protecting.

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