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President Biden has a big bird’s back after the Republican attack

President Biden defends the sweet and iconic Big Bird after Republicans attacked the Sesame Street character for saying vaccines are safe.

Sen. Ted Cruz was furious that Big Bird told children that vaccines are safe:

Fortunately, Big Bird has an important friend in the Oval Office:

Republicans did not notice it, but Big Bird has long been pro-vaccine

In May, Big Bird and other Sesame Street characters, including Cookie Monster and Elmo, performed in a COVID-19 vaccine PSA:

Big Bird tells children about the safety of vaccines since the year Ted Cruz was born:

The idea may seem silly on its surface, but Republicans attack a beloved character from children’s educational television for a reason.

Ted Cruz and others are trying to make Big Bird part of their culture war. Republicans have turned public health and safety into a cultural issue. The GOP is trying to turn Big Bird into a battlefield in their culture war, but Joe Biden has Big Bird’s back and does not intend to allow some fierce anti-vaccine bullies to smear a child character used only to kidnap children. help protect against COVID.

The vast majority of Americans agree with Big Bird on the COVID vaccine.

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